Swings Trading ( Price Action Trading )

Swings ( waves ) are PA formations, described as an impulse, followed by a correction, during trends and counter trends. Every trend have ups and downs (swings ).

Best way to see the swings, is to draw them manually, connecting with lines the Higher Highs and the Lower Lows.

Now all we have to do is to mark the swings:

HH = Higher High
LL = Lower Low
LH = Lower High
HL = Higher Low

So for an UP Trend ( bullish ) we will have swings:


And for a DOWN Trend ( bearish ) we will have swings:


So based on the swings and PA, we might use the next strategies:

1. Trend Lines BO 

2. Support & Resistance Lines ( S/R Lines )
3. Channels

For trading the swings, SL should always be a large one ( previous HH or LL ).

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