How to install an indicator on the MetaTrader 4 ?

An indicator can be found in 2 formats (extensions): "name.MQ4" and "name.EX4". The MQ4 is the source code, and the EX4 is the compiled version of the code.

You don't need to use both extensions of the indicator. If you have only the EX4 extension of the indicator, it's fine, but you just wont see the MQ4 in the installed folder. If you have only the MQ4 extension, it will make automatically the EX4 extension in the folder of the platform. If you have both files, you can copy them directly in the next location:

C:\Program Files\Meta Trader 4\experts\indicators

 * Meta Trader 4 folder, usually has the name of the broker.

Restart now MT4 - click on the Indicators button - Custom - click on the indicator installed to attach it to the chart.

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