COT (Commitments of Traders)

Even if you are a day trader or a longer time investor, as a swing trader/position trader, you need to know how COT  reports are. Therefore  you should check these reports, before you enter a short or a long trade. If the COT reports "shows" that many short traders are in the market, you should reconsider your entry, if you wanna go long. Even if you, based on your technical analysis want otherwise. These reports tell us if the buyers are in control of the market, base on their positions, or the sellers. You don't wanna bet against the market. You should be "friend with the trend".

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  1. I've been to the site, but don't know how where to get cot report. Can you do a video on this, please?

    1. Hi mate,

      is easy to read it, by following the next steps:
      1. Go to "Market Reports" on the menu.
      2. Select "This month in Futures Markets"
      3. Scroll down until "Financials"
      4. On the right side you have the text (reports) and on the left side a chart and the numbers/contracts (in thousands).

      Hope is useful for you.


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